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Treating Texture

Treating Texture

Texture is a concern that is constantly brought up in the skincare world. When we say “texture” we mean fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, old acne divots, and overall creepiness. 

Treating / smoothing out texture is not something that happens over night. Like all good things, it takes time, patience and consistency. However, the outcome is always worth it - when treated properly. 

Our process for treating texture is completely custom and methodical. However, as practitioners the first step of the process is always clearing up any existing breakouts and congestion. Before doing more invasive treatments you always have to begin with a clean base. 


After we have cleared out the pores the next step is medical microneedling. We use one of the top FDA approved needling devices - The Skin Pen. During the treatment small needles are stamped into the skin to create micro-injuries. Doing this smooths out texture while tricking your body into thinking there is a minor skin injury, which then creates collagen that is stimulated to the surface. Depending on the severity of the skin, you may initially need multiple sessions. Maintenance session 1-2 times a year is also recommended.

In conjunction with the treatments, home care is extremely important too. Using a retinol is crucial if you are concerned about texture. When first starting a retinol you should always begin on a low dose. You can work your way up with higher percentages. Using an AHA / BHA solution will also help to treat texture. Our VH Method Peel uses glycolic, salicylic, and lactic acid to gently eat away dead skin and smooth out fine line, wrinkles, and texture. 

Though treating texture can feel like a never ending battle, the first thing to do is just start!

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