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Back to School Teen Bootcamp!

Back to School Teen Bootcamp!

Since school is back in session we wanted to offer an incredible deal for all of our teen clients! Being a teenager can be very challenging at times. They’re trying to balance school work, spending time with family, social obligations, and maybe even sports or hobbies. Attempting to juggle all of these things can be very stressful at times. The last thing you want is for your teen to have to deal with acne on top of it. 

Bootcamp is our customized, fast-track skincare program designed to achieve quick results. Initially your teen will come in for 3 sessions for 6 weeks in a row. They will alternate between “fulls and check ups”. A full is a 1 hour session where your practitioner has the opportunity to really get in and clean out your teens pores. The check-ups are mini versions of fulls and are about 20 min, they are equally as important. 

There will be a reminder of 3 full and 3 follow up sessions to be used for maintenance. All in all this package should last around 6 months. 

Once your teen has completed bootcamp, it is still crucial they stay consistent with their facials. Anyone who has acne-prone skin always has to receive regular treatments. It's incredibly important to maintain clear skin. 

We are offering a package of 6 fulls and 6 check ups. Normally these services come to a total of $1,500. However, with this special promotion we are retailing it for $1,125. Call us with any questions at:


HOWEVER, for those that aren’t in California and don’t have the ability to come in for treatments- we have selected a simple, yet effective lineup of products for your teen!


The ideal skin regimen

This is the perfect everyday skincare routine to combat teenage skin. This set will clear, soothe and balance out all skin concerns. Discounted at 15% off.


  • Anti-bacterial scrub (Ayur-medic): this scrub gently breaks apart any break outs & congestion beginning to form.
  • Clearifying cream (Ayur-medic): A lightweight and oil-free moisturizer, aiding in clearing blemishes while maintaining the skin’s hydration.
  • EndZit: This is a spot treatment made of Sulfer that heals, kills bacteria and conceals zits. 


  • Brave Soldier Clean Skin: A gentle gel cleanser that removes excess oils, debris, sunscreen and makeup.
  • Clearifying cream (Ayur-medic) see above
  • VH Method Peel: This “facial in a packet” will keep your teens skin smooth, bright, and clear! Use 3-4 nights a week, on clean skin.

We are ecstatic to be able to offer this amazing deal and can’t wait to be able to help get your teen cleared up as soon as possible!

Please reach out to our office line at 310.849.4452 if you have any other questions or if you would like to get your teen booked!

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