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VH Skincare Scrubber


Daily exfoliation is essential to keep the dead skin cell from piling up.

This ultra-soft to the touch, extremely durable, material is waterproof and naturally bacteria resistant. This facial scrubber is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

While most traditional nylon facial scrubbers need to be replaced every couple of months because of bacteria buildup, silicone scrubbers are durable and never need to be replaced.

Use daily with your pm routine, apply a small amount of cleanser to your face scrubber and gently massage in circular motions for 15 seconds to ensure a thorough removal of spf, makeup and grime from your skin.

Clean and sanitize the scrubber with your cleanser, rinse with water and spritz with alcohol 1 time per week.

After each use pat dry and hang for longer usage

Food-grade silicone

Unlike nylon bristles, this food grade material is the same used to make baby spoons and are non-porous, which makes them resistant to bacterial buildup and way more hygienic than standard nylon brushes.

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